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A Personal Injury Law Firm in Arlington, TX

An injury caused by another person's negligence could leave you in financial distress. Seek compensation and justice with personal injury law representation from the Law Office of Martin I Muizers, PC. Our personal injury law firm in Arlington, Texas, is dedicated to providing you with the help you deserve. Additionally, we specialize in criminal defense law, so we can offer provide you with the information you need to help you understand different circumstances.

The Compensation You Deserve

Your ability to go to work and provide an income for you and your loved ones relies entirely on your physical health. Even a simple injury, if deep enough, can make coming into work a farfetched dream. In circumstances such as these, what matters most is having an attorney who understands workers compensation laws in your corner you can rely on to keep your rights secure.

With our years of experience working in a number of different legal fields, our personal injury law firm can provide you with a personal injury attorney trained to educate you on even the smallest details pertaining to your case! Simply work with us and inform us of the details of your particular case, and we can begin tailoring an approach to your future success.

When You Get Hurt, Turn To Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Arlington, TX


The majority of attorneys are not qualified to handle and do not practice civil litigation. Martin I Muizers has been litigating cases for over 25 years and is prepared to litigate your case before a judge or jury to the end on your behalf.