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Preventive Estate Planning in Arlington, TX

Prevent disputes over your assets after you are gone with estate planning in Arlington, Texas, from the Law Office of Martin I Muizers, PC. We work with you to ensure that your beneficiaries receive what you want them to have. Our skills also include protecting your interests in matters of divorce.

Your Estate, Your Wishes

An estate is certainly more than a base allocation of assets. It is a document of final wishes and sentiments that are owed due diligence and rigorous attention to detail. Our team understands this better than most, and that is why we offer up our unparalleled services towards helping you and your loved ones with their estate planning.

Collaborate with a member of our team and receive an inside look at the considerations that go into writing and maintaining an estate plan. You can rest easy knowing that with our level of professionalism, technical training, and real-world experience, a complete and comprehensive approach towards your individual case is delivered.

Assisting With Estate Planning in Arlington, TX

Providing Divorce Services in Arlington, TX


Divorce, no matter the lifespan of the marriage that precedes it, can be a tricky minefield riddled with emotional distress. Unfortunately, in court, there is no place for decisions made with emotion. What wins cases is cold and tempered decision-making. Martin I Muizers understands this well and is more than capable of helping address your present circumstances with experienced divorce services.

With our general practice law firm’s collective years of experience in handling divorce, we exercise complete diligence in making calm and collected choices towards your success in court. When you're in need of a divorce law specialist, know that we have an experienced pro ready to fight in your corner.